Invoice Factoring

How Invoice Factoring Works

BVD Invoice Factoring

Cash flow isn’t always enough to cover overhead expenses, so many fleet owners and independent drivers are often tempted by expensive cash advances and short-term loans. Eliminate cash advances altogether and lower your overhead costs (and high-interest fees) with BVD Capital’s Invoice Factoring.

How It Works

  • Raise an invoice for goods provided or services completed
  • You submit that invoice to BVD Capital
  • BVD Capital wires you money instantly!

More Predictable Cash Flow

Gone are the days of waiting months for your clients to pay you — get access to your funds now and let us handle the rest. Your dedicated and knowledgeable BVD agent will send out invoices and deposit your payments for you, letting you focus on operating your business and taking the stress of missed payments off of your mind.

Better Than A Bank Loan

Unlike banks’ rigid structures and requirements, BVD Capital is flexible and works with businesses of all sizes. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you into making the best credit decisions based on your unique situation. Your success is our success, so we are invested in ensuring that your business thrives. Contact us now to get started!

Best for B2B

Turn your unpaid invoices into instant cash with BVD’s Invoice Factoring service. Best for fleet operators and business owners whose primary clients are other businesses, you’ll be able to keep paying your employees and drivers regardless of how long your clients take to pay.

BVD Fuel Network

In addition to solving your cash flow and financing issues, you’ll instantly become a part of the BVD Network: A group of over 850 participating gas stations and truck stops across North America that offers the best fuel rates and amenities for you and your drivers. With BVD in your corner, your business is covered from coast to coast — from the fuel in your tank to the numbers in your account.

With so many practical benefits, it’s no wonder why fleet operators all over North America are choosing BVD Capital’s Invoice Factoring program over the competition. Are you ready to join Canada’s Largest Fuel Network? Apply Today!

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