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Retread Inspection Process

Retread Inspection

Quality Retreads / Step-by-step

We are here to change the mindset about retreads and their reliability. So much so, we are the only retread manufacturer that completes every inspection step available in the retreading process.

Utilizing the latest innovative technology in the industry, our five-step process utilizes visual light, electronic liner, laser shearography, x-ray and pressure casing analysis. 

A rigorous inspection and quality assurance processes provide your fleet with a reliable and consistent product that ultimately reduces your total cost per mile.


Initial Inspection

  • Used tires arrive at our facility for inspection
  • All casings are barcoded to be tracked during retreading
  • Light and electronic liner inspections expose any internal issues
  • Tires outside of defined repairable conditions of casing specifications are eliminated


Buffing, X-Ray & Shearography

  • Buffing is computer controlled by customized profiles for each brand
  • A measuring device controls the depth of undertread to ensure a cool running tire
  • Casings are analyzed with laser shearography to detect belt separations
  • X-ray inspection is used to verify any suspected sidewall or bead damage


Patch & Repair

  • Damages are fully identified and repaired
  • All repairs utilize a thermal cure repair technique for optimum results
  • Every Love's casing repair is guaranteed for the life of the casing



  • Heated cushion gum fills skives and buzz-outs while preparing casing for new tread
  • Tread selection is based upon customer's specifications and application
  • All retreads are enveloped, vacuum tested and cured in a computer controlled chamber


Final Inspection

  • Inspecting hot casings after curing allows any anomalies to be detected
  • A three-step pressure testing cycle ensures the integrity of the finished tire
  • Our retreads are available at any Loves Truck Tire Care or Speedco location or for direct delivery to your fleet terminal location

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